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The Experts Providing Your Surgical Care

This guide explains the multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff that provide your care while you are at the hospital of the University of Chicago Medicine.

Your Medical Team

The University of Chicago Medicine is among the finest academic medical facilities in the nation. All of our patients receive treatment based on the best and latest advancements in medicine. As an inpatient, you have a team of medical experts working together to ensure you receive the finest care available.

The physician responsible for your care is called the attending physician. As a specialist and a faculty member of the University of Chicago, the attending physician oversees all of the medical activity related to your condition. He or she consults with your personal physician or clinic about your care.

Residents and fellows may manage your continuing care during your hospital stay. These licensed doctors have completed their medical training and are now receiving advanced training in a specialized area of medicine. Interns are first-year residents.

Your team of physicians may seem large, but remember that there is one specialist in charge of your care. This physician is always available to handle any medical problems you may have.

Your Care Team

Direct patient care is provided by care teams which may include:

  • Registered nurse (RN): Responsible for all patient care, including the care he or she personally provides as well as the care provided by team members under his/her direction.
  • Licensed practical nurse (LPN): Provides a wide variety of nursing care--including treatments, medications, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Patient care assistant (PCA): Helps patients with daily activities and care that do not require licensed personnel.
  • Patient care technician (PCT): Draws blood, gives respiratory treatments, and performs EKGs as needed.
  • Patient service assistant (PSA): Maintains the overall appearance of patient rooms and the nursing unit, and assures that supplies and equipment are available.

Other members of your care team include:

  • Case manager: Helps coordinate patient care and treatments. He or she is a single resource where patients can get all the information they need while at the University of Chicago Medicine.
  • Patient care manager: Manages the daily operations of the unit.
  • Patient service coordinator (PSC): Answers the call button attached to patient beds and helps patients get the assistance they need.

If you or a family member has a problem or concern, you can contact any member of the care team. They will assist you and, if necessary, contact your physician or the physician on call.

Meeting the Needs of Patients and Families

This group of professionals also works to meet patient and family needs and to provide the best patient experience possible:

  • Chaplain
  • Dietitian
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical therapist
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Social worker
  • Other staff necessary to provide the best patient care

Patient Centered Care

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we deliver care that is centered on the patient. In other words, the healthcare and services we provide focus on the individual needs and values of our patients and their families. This care is guided by the following principles:

  1. Respect for patients and their families.
  2. Staff, patients, and families work together to meet the patient's medical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.
  3. Patients are told about possible outcomes and progress in a caring manner.
  4. Patients receive quality, cost effective care.
  5. The environment contributes to the patient's comfort and well-being.
  6. Patients and family members are informed and educated in a manner that is clear and consistent.
  7. Care and services provided by compassionate individuals.