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Transplant Care

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Internationally Recognized Transplant Leaders

A conversation with John Fung, MD, PhD, about his plans to revitalize organ transplantation at the University of Chicago Medicine as director of the new Transplantation Institute.

The University of Chicago Medicine is a world leader in transplantation. We have performed more than 2,500 kidney transplants, 400 pancreas transplants, 1,600 liver transplants, and 300 heart transplants. Our medical center is also home to one of the nation's premier lung transplant teams, and is among the select few hospitals in the nation that is actively studying the effectiveness of islet transplantation to treat advanced type 1 diabetes.

We're also internationally known for multi-organ transplants, having been the first to perform a successful heart-liver-kidney transplant. In addition to our transplant physicians and nurses, our team includes nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers and other experts focused on providing complete transplant care.

We're Here for You

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Our team provides comprehensive, compassionate care before, during and after transplant. Each person awaiting transplant is assigned to a pre-transplant coordinator, a registered nurse specially trained in transplant care who answers questions and arranges tests and physician appointments. We follow patients very closely after transplant, and our post-transplant nurses are always available to answer questions.

Accessible Care

We understand that if you've been told you may need a transplant, you're eager to meet with a transplant specialist as soon as possible. At the University of Chicago, most new patients meet with a transplant physician within one week of contacting us.