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Lung Transplant

Edward Garrity and patient Edward Garrity, MD, medical director of the lung transplant program, meets with a patient.

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we are a world leader in transplantation, with the expertise and resources to ensure you, and all of our patients, get the best possible care. Our dedicated team will provide personalized care that is unique to you and specific to your condition. Here you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in capable, caring hands and can count on a team that always has your best interest in mind.

We are experts in successfully handling challenging cases, and our medical and surgical teams have proven experience in lung transplantation--experience that is critical before, during, and after these complex procedures.

We have developed one of the nation's premier lung transplant teams. Single and double lung transplants are a life-saving treatment option for many patients with advanced lung disease. Our team is known--and recognized--for our experience and expertise in lung conditions including, but not limited to:

Experience. Competence. Innovation. A proactive approach. That’s what you can expect at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Why Choose Us?

At the University of Chicago Medicine, you are our priority. Our team is dedicated to tailoring your care to your unique needs, and we take pride in the things that set us apart from other transplant centers. For example:

  • Expert team--Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach provides the best care. We know that behind every successful transplant is a team of experts with strengths in diverse fields. We have experience in all facets of lung transplantation, from donor-recipient organ matching to ECMO (bridge to transplant) to surgery and recovery. We have vast experience with complex lung disease and the expertise and ability to know what to do in many different scenarios. We’ve built our team and developed a patient-centered care and support system to best serve our patients and their families.
  • Tailored evaluation and treatment--From your first phone call, we will evaluate your unique circumstances. Rather than relying on a single criterion, like age or severity of illness, to make a decision about whether transplant is right for you, we look at your case holistically to determine if a transplant would likely be successful. We have successfully transplanted many patients that other centers declined to treat.
  • Patient-centered care and support--Our transplant team has a unique process for coordinating care that includes an intake center dedicated to potential transplant candidates. We also offer resources and support groups for you and your family as you go through the transplant process.
  • Excellent outcomes--Improving outcomes day after day and year after year is important to us. We dedicate time and resources to delivering the best care available to you and all our patients. Our refined approach has improved outcomes--even with the extremely complex, high-risk cases we take on.

    Below is a table that outlines recent patient survival rates for University of Chicago Medicine lung transplant patients in comparison to national averages (as of September 2014). This is current data, in contrast to center-specific statistics reported in national registries that may be as much as two years old.

Lung Transplant Survival Rates: UChicago Medicine Compared to National Averages

  2014 (as of September) 2013

Number of Lung Transplants Performed at the University of Chicago Medicine



One-Year Survival Rate: University of Chicago Medicine



One-Year Survival Rate: National Average



30-Day Survival Rate: University of Chicago Medicine



30-Day Survival Rate: National Average



*For calendar year 2014 through September, four patients are not yet 30 days post transplant, and 21 patients are not yet one year post transplant.
**For calendar year 2013, four patients are not yet one year post transplant.
  • Leading-edge research--We actively participate in clinical trials and research in order to continue perfecting the lung-transplant process.
  • Active organ matching team--The University of Chicago Medicine has taken a leading role in solving the problem of donor scarcity. Our team is proactively resolving the shortage with a dedicated, concerted effort to get viable lungs for those who need them. Our efforts have decreased waiting times for transplant. In 2013, our team performed approximately 50 percent of all lung transplants in the region.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and patient-centered, comfortable rooms--We offer private, comfortable patient rooms with thoughtful amenities for patients and their families, including room service, wireless internet and space to accommodate loved ones for overnight stays.
  • Welcoming patients from near and far--Whether you call Chicago home or live thousands of miles away, you’re welcome here. Our transplant coordinators help make the process of coming to the University of Chicago Medicine for transplant care as easy as possible. The Center for International Patients helps coordinate care and accommodations for patients traveling from other countries.