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Lung Transplant Team

At the University of Chicago Medicine, your dedicated lung transplant team includes experts with strengths in diverse fields, including:

  • Lung transplant surgeons: thoracic surgeons with special expertise in lung transplant surgery and surgical critical care
  • Transplant pulmonologists: pulmonary medicine specialists with advanced expertise in lung transplant and intensive care
  • Anesthesiologists with expertise in lung transplant care
  • Specialized pharmacists with transplant medication expertise
  • A lung transplant nurse coordinator
  • A clinical nurse practitioner
  • An organ procurement coordinator
  • A social worker experienced in helping transplant patients and their families with a multitude of common concerns
  • A dietician with a specialty background in transplant patient care
  • A psychiatrist, when required, for evaluation and support
  • Financial specialists for strategy and advice

We also work closely with other experts to make sure your care is comprehensive and coordinated. We collaborate with experts throughout the University of Chicago Medicine, including:

  • Pulmonary hypertension specialists
  • Transplant cardiologists
  • Infectious disease experts
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Geriatric medicine specialists
  • Immunologists
  • Rehabilitation specialists

Our Physicians by Specialty

Our physicians provide daily care for our lung transplant patients and make educational and academic contributions on national and international levels.

Pulmonary Medicine

Edward Garrity, MD
Medical Director, Lung Transplant Program

Thoracic Surgery

Tae H. Song, MD
Surgical Director, Lung Transplant Program

David Onsager, MD
Clinical Associate and Thoracic Procurement Surgeon

Takeyoshi Ota, MD, PhD
Co-Director, Center for Aortic Diseases