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Multi-Organ Transplant

University of Chicago surgeons and physicians are considered some of the most experienced in the world when it comes to multiple-organ transplants. Many firsts in multiple-organ transplants have occurred at the University of Chicago's hospitals, including:

  • The first successful heart-liver-kidney transplant in the world
  • The first heart-kidney-pancreas transplant in Illinois

To be successful, these very complex operations require sophisticated medical and surgical expertise as well as advanced technology--all of which is available at an academic medical center like the University of Chicago Medicine. Our expert surgeons work side-by-side with experts in infectious disease, critical care medicine, and other specialties in order to provide the close attention these patients need before, during, and after surgery.

Our patients are typically very, very sick when they arrive. They suffer from multiple health problems and have often been turned away by other transplant programs. Post-transplant, we have seen many multiple organ transplant patients go on to live fuller, more active lives.