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Why Choose Us for Travel Care?

Comprehensive Services

The University of Chicago Travel Clinic offers complete travel care, ranging from country and destination-specific consultations, immunizations, prescriptions, and preventive medicine to post-travel care in the event of an illness.

Travel Medicine Experts to Serve You

The director of the Travel Clinic is a board-certified infectious disease specialist with expertise in tropical medicine. The travel clinic nurse and nurse practitioner are thorough, knowledgeable, and up-to-date in travel-related health issues. Our highly trained staff has one goal--to provide peace of mind to travelers.

Individualized Care

We create an individualized health plan for each patient prior to departure. This plan includes destination-specific information regarding health advisories. Upon return from your trip, we can also provide expert, multidisciplinary care for any illness you might have. Our travel experts work closely with various specialists at the University of Chicago.

Designated Yellow Fever Center

The University of Chicago Travel Clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Center. Some countries in Africa and South America require proof of yellow fever immunization before travelers are permitted to enter. We can administer the yellow fever immunization as well as provide you with a World Health Organization (WHO) Immunization Certificate.

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To schedule an appointment, call (773) 834-1443. The Travel Clinic is located on the University of Chicago's main medical campus in Hyde Park.