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Where Science Meets Medicine

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we provide world-class medical care, but we do much more -- we conduct a wide range of clinical and basic science research. Innovation is a way of life here. We bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to explore fundamental questions in biology and genetics. We're also focused on speeding the process by which new scientific discoveries made in the lab can be applied to improve patient care today and in the future. Duration: 4 minutes, 24 seconds

University of Chicago experts featured in this video include:

  • Funmi I. Olopade, MD
    Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics
    Director, Cancer Risk Clinic
  • Neil H. Shubin, PhD
    Robert R. Bensley Professor
    Associate Dean for Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
  • Kevin White, PhD
    James and Karen Frank Family Professor of Human Genetics, and Professor of Ecology and Evolution
    Director, Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology