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How can I use this site to learn more about my condition and treatment options? 

As an academic medical center, we are dedicated to providing knowledge to patients and medical professionals. We hope you will use this site to learn how you can take control of your health. Here’s a little background to help you find what you need.

Services and Treatment Options

Specialties and Departments menu

To find information about our services and treatment options, start with the Specialties and Departments menu. It's the first link in the navigation on the left of every page. Browse the list of specialties or departments, and select the topic that most closely matches the condition for which you seek care. On most pages, we also provide links to information about related services and resources. If you're looking for information about a pediatric health condition, please browse by specialty on the Comer Children's Hospital website.

General Education Information

Online Library link

For general background information about a variety of health conditions, please visit the Online Library. Easily accessible from every page on our website, the online library is designed to help you become a more informed patient or caregiver. Here, you'll find detailed information organized by topic, often including glossaries, illustrations, statistics, and a range of additional educational resources. For those who may find it more convenient, we also offer Información en línea: Español.

Being Part of the Team

Our doctors and nurses want to serve as resources for you, helping you to understand your condition and your treatment options. You may find it helpful to bring a list of questions to your appointment. Newly diagnosed patients, in particular, often bring a family member or friend to help ask questions and remember new information. Some patients even bring a tape recorder, an iPod, or some other device to record important details.

You may also consider downloading these guides to help you prepare for your appointment: 

Questions for My Doctor (PDF)
Patient Decision Aid (PDF)