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You can access our quality measures through several publicly available websites:

Hospital Compare
On Hospital Compare, site visitors can view and compare a variety of quality measures for hospitals, including data related to heart attack care, surgical care improvement, and patient satisfaction. The data is updated quarterly and is maintained by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Illinois Hospital Report Card
The Illinois Hospital Report Card offers some of the same information that is reported on Hospital Compare, as well as data about nursing staff levels and volumes of specific procedures performed. This site is maintained by the Illinois Department of Public Health.


Leapfrog: Straight A's since 2012 - Hospital safety score

The Leapfrog Group is a consortium of employer organizations that have set standards for measuring hospital quality, health care safety, and customer value. Measures reported on the Leapfrog site include information about adherence to safe practices; a hospitals' ability to provide computer physician order entry, which reduces prescription-order errors; and surgical volumes for complex procedures, such as pancreas or esophagus removal. The University of Chicago Medicine has fully implemented the major Leapfrog standards, including achieving appropriate ICU staffing levels, using computer physician order entry, and implementing National Quality Forum Safe Practices. Participation in the Leapfrog Group survey is voluntary.

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